Created the first interactive prototype at Zii
Assisted in the design that won leading airlines:
Qatar Airways, China Southern, and many more



September 2017 – Present
Zodiac Inflight Innovations (Zii) is a top leader in the Inflight Entertainment (IFE) industry. Zii’s product, RAVE, supports 45 international airlines and is viewed by 55 million people per year.


Design the next generation of the RAVE product. The goal is to design an innovative, competitive, stable, configurable IFE that satisfies all stakeholders: Airlines, Passengers, Zii Executives, Zii Product Development, Zii Media Services.


Research: IFE Trends, Smart TVs, Netflix, Passenger Behavior. Competitor Analysis. Neilson's Heuristics on Existing RAVE Product. Stakeholder Elicitations. Rapid Prototyping.  Innovation Partner Design Workshops. User Testing.




  • Design for both PCU and Touch
  • Design for international passengers and complexity of a large user base
  • Prioritize airlines requests (client) before passengers (users)
  • Balance airline expectations and software constraints
  • Executive buy-in for UX process and limited resources
  • Managing stakeholder weigh-in and scope creep
  • No Creative Director
  • Strict Timeline


A highly configurable inflight entertainment system unique to the previous generation of a standard product. The RAVE 2020 GUI allows for more flexibility, while maintaining structure and stability using a grid similar to the box model and introducing responsive design. This design tackles business problems while putting the user at the center of its design making it easy to use for all different types of passengers.